Walked 500km with cancer

Tokyo confidential

Walked 500km with cancer

I have managed to walk 500 km from Tokyo to Kyoto on foot with cancer.
I believe that the root of many illnesses is poor blood flow. Therefore, I started taking a walk every day after leaving the hospital.

I decided to utilize my calves, which are said to be second heart in other words. I am walking as hard as I can to keep the blood pumping through my body.

I was a skinny with a pale face

When I was just discharged from the hospital, I was a skinny man with a pale face, walking with a cane, and taking a break after walking every 100 meters.
Recently, however, I am walking 6,000 to 7,000 steps a day at the same speed as a normal person.

According to a record of my pedometer application(photo), I walk an average of 120 km per month or about 4 km per day. Excluding the first month and a half of wobbly walking, I have walked four and a half months, or 540 km since mid-November, 2022.
I missed about two days for medical checkups. I walked even on snowy days.

I look like a golf-burned person

The distance between Tokyo and Kyoto is 489km.
I have already walked from Tokyo to Kyoto.

Thanks to this, my complexion has turned reddish-bronze and I look like a golf-burned person, not like a cancer patient.
I am very happy to have made it.