“Japanese Folk Tales”, Now on Sale


Translated “Japanese Folk Tales” is available today!
13th e-book from Amazon.com

Twenty Japanese folktales, including “Urashima Taro,” “Tongue Cutter Sparrow,” and “Amano no Hagoromo,” are now on sale today as e-books from Amazon.com. The price is US$6.00.
Please purchase it.

If you search for “Masato Niitsu” in the “Books” category on Amazon.com’s book shopping site, you will get hits along with his other two English books.

Recently, the world media has praised the Japanese for cleaning up the bleachers after games at the Oripara and the World Cup soccer games. Why do the Japanese do such a thing? I think one of the remote causes may be that we Japanese grew up listening to old stories introduced in the e-book and learned not to bother others.

I hope that people who use English as their everyday language, especially young mothers, will savor this book for themselves and read it to their own children.

Other two e-books written by me to date are listed on Amazon.com’s book shopping site under the “Books” category by searching for the author’s name “Masato Niitsu”. Thank you in advance.